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Harris Hire Hockley 01702 233600

Harris Hire Long Term Rental

Choose your Vehicle

  • Arrive at HH Office with the relevant Documentation (See Step Two on driver requirements page)

  • We are required by our insurance company to take copies for our records.

Please Note

Whilst every effort the is made to ensure the above procedure is a quick and simple as possible from time to time there may be in certain circumstances some delays, a few examples could be;

  • Problems with DVLA website, Unsuitable ID papers, Problems processing credit/debit card payments etc

All of these issues can be avoided if the hire is set up in advance by providing us with all details as required prior to your arrival

If for any reason the licence check fails or cannot be carried out you will not be insured, therefore under NO circumstances will we be unable to release the vehicle to you.

Useful tip;               In case of difficulty when checking licence follow link to live DVLA chat on WEBSITE !

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