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Frequency Asked Questions

Some of the questions our customers ask about hiring a van

I’m 21 am I able to hire a vehicle?

As long as you have a held a full UK driving licence for two years, with no points or convictions the answer is Yes, although surcharges apply.  If you have points we will need to refer to the insurer.


I’m over 70 am I able to hire a vehicle?

We would need to take your licence details and check code from you and do a quick licence check, and refer to the insurer, but this should not be a problem.


I only have a car licence can I hire a vehicle?

Yes is the answer to this question, all of our current fleet can be driven on a car licence. 


I have points can I hire a vehicle?

This depends on what you have incurred the points for, you can have a cumulative 6 points on your licence then this is fine, however if you have more than 6 points or 6 points for one conviction then we will need to refer to the insurer and subject to the agreement then the excess will be increased.


I have had a ban can I still hire a vehicle?

If you licence has been suspended within the last 5 years we will need further details and have to refer to the insurance company. 


Is Insurance included?

Yes all insurance is included in our prices.


Is breakdown cover included?

For UK mainland hires, yes breakdown cover is included, however if you have a European hire, you need to take this out at a cost of £35.00 for the duration of your hire.


Can I drive abroad?

Yes you can, we need to set up a VE document and Green Card prior to your hire, and take a few more details beforehand but this is not a problem.


What can I use as proof of address?

All proofs of address must be dated within three months prior to your date of hire.  You can use utility bills (electricity, gas), council tax, bank statement.  We understand that a lot of people have now gone paperless on their bills, but please print a copy prior to your arrival.

What is NOT acceptable – Mobile phone bills, doctors letter, credit refusal letters, credit application confirmations.


I’m moving but don’t have a confirmed date is this a problem?

We endeavour to be as flexible as possible, we have instances regularly whereby peoples move dates change on a daily / weekly basis.  Just keep us informed and we will move your hire around as necessary, don’t worry we won’t get sick of the sound of you.  We have a tippex mouse and are not afraid to use it!

If you have any Questions

Please call

01702 233600

One of our staff will be please to help you

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