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Affordable Van Hire in Rayleigh

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Harris Hire has the right van renting options for anyone looking to transport valuables in a cheap and convenient way. This family-run business is built on the mantra of providing a service that is both reliable and flexible to suit the customers’ needs. We also pride ourselves on providing affordable transport hire. Most of our staff have stayed with our company since we opened our doors and therefore have the experience and knowledge needed in the van hire business. Hiring a van has long become a popular option for buying a vehicle as most of the time, a certain type of transport is not needed for permanent use. For those looking for van hire in Rayleigh, this is an ideal opportunity for anyone needing to move furniture or if you need an extra van to transport products for a client. Whether you need a medium base van for quick deliveries or a long wheelbase van, convenient for making long-distance deliveries, our vans come in the perfect size for your needs. For van hire in Rayleigh, van hire Essex, contact Harris Hire today!

Harris Hire now has a brand-new luxury splitter van hire service which is part of our venture into luxury van hire. We are especially excited about this venture which is part of our Visionary Vans group. As a customer, this is where you experience the best of both worlds – ample storage space with added comfort and status. This van hire luxury experience is ideal for anyone looking to transport a band and their equipment to a fancy gig, traveling with colleagues to a golf trip, or arriving with a team to a fancy black-tie event. This 6-seater luxury van will make you the envy of any event you plan to attend. If you are looking for something more practical and low-key, our extra-long wheelbase vans are also a great option. These vans are popular for both private and business use, especially with these panel vans’ ability to transport heavy loads and its general versatility on the road. We also have 9 seater luxury splitter vans to hire.

If you live in Rayleigh or Southend, or anywhere else in Essex, and need a

long wheelbase van we have a van to hire near you. Harris Hire also has spacious

extra-long wheelbase vans to hire which are ideal for transporting heavy loads from point A to Point B. These vans boast a high torque engine with a comfortable interior to make that long journey a pleasant experience. Our friendly team, based in Hockley, will make your hiring experience quick and easy. If you are looking for something more spacious than our long wheelbase van, our Luton vans are exactly what you need. These vans boast a tail lift and are available for hire throughout the Southend, Hockley, and surrounding areas. The spacious Luton is more spacious and will allow for fewer trips when moving house.

Harris Hire team aims to take the pressure off renting a van. We will get you the van that will not only suit your needs but also your budget. Our self-drive hire service extends to taking you to the office and dropping you back at home after you have returned our hire vehicles. Traveling abroad is easy with Harris Hire because our vehicles are fully ensured for traveling anywhere in Europe. All the documentation required for your trip is included in our price packages, leaving you without the stress of hidden costs. For convenient rental van hire services with flexible pickup and drop-off times. Harris Hire offers van hire in Rayleigh, van hire in Southend, van hire in Rochford, van hire Hockley, and van hire in Essex and beyond. So when you are thinking about where is there van hire near me, Harris van hire has the perfect solution for your needs. Call Haris van hire on 01702 233600 today or check out all our van hire in Essex.

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