• John Nichols

Harris Hire Services Makes Moving Easy and Affordable

Research has shown that moving can be as stressful as a divorce, and anybody who has relocated knows the expense can add an extra headache. This is why at Harris Hire part of our business is to make your move easy and affordable. Harris Hire is based in Essex county where our self-drive hire services are available to cater to your every need. Our spacious long wheel base vans are an excellent choice for moving your belongings more conveniently. These panel vans for hire boast a high torque engine and a comfortable interior which makes it the ideal moving vehicle to get your belongings safely to its destination – no matter how long the journey maybe. Whether you want to hire a smaller van for short trips or relocating from your home or business, you can’t go wrong with our van renting service. If you live in Hockley, close to Southend, contact the Harris Hire team to assist you with making the van rental process as smooth as possible.

Harris hire is the ideal option if part of your business is moving a client’s equipment from A to B or you just need to make a few business or personal deliveries. We have a range of small wheel base vehicles that are practical enough for deliveries that don’t require heavy lifting. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the convenience of Harris Hire’s range of short wheel base vans. The small wheel base vans are also lighter on fuel because of its size so you can drastically mitigate the expense of a moving trip. Should a delivery job require a little more space than a small wheel base van can offer, Harris Hire’s medium wheel base vans offers the perfect top-up to get your load to its destination.

Our range of extra-long wheel base vans are also a popular choice among both businesses and private clients due to its heavy payload and general versatility. Moving a heavier load from your business or home, our long wheel base vans are the ideal choice. Boasting a high torque engine and comfortable interiors, these vans are practical and appealing for long haul deliveries. We also have Luton vans with a tail lift are available for hire throughout Southend, Hockley and surrounding areas. The Luton vans are more spacious than a long wheel base, so you can make fewer trips travelling from point A to point B. The tail lift eases the loading process and speeds up all aspects of moving house. Based in the Essex county we can take the stress out of moving house or business purposes with our amazing van rental service.

Part of the Harris Hire group Visionary Vans takes a step into luxury van hire where moving meets comfort and status. Should your business travels require an extra touch of class, Harris Hire’s luxury crew vans are an excellent choice. Whether you want to spend your free time at the golf course or travelling with a big family to a holiday destination, you won’t be sorry with our affordable luxury vans. You can choose whether you need a 6-seater luxury splitter or the 9-seater splitter van with spacious storage compartment for luggage or equipment. At Harris Hire, we want our clients to have the best van renting experience with our range of vans. Our offices in Essex where our friendly staff strive to offer you a van rental service at convenient hours and weekends. Make your life easier and contact Harris Hire today!