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Harris Hire Van Hire Hockley

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The Covid-19 has caused many businesses to close their doors, but you can still rely on quality service at all our Harris Hire van hire outlets in Essex. Harris Hire’s van hire in Hockley is still open for business but, following Government guidelines our office is closed. For our valued customers, we will get to the office to do the hire and handover the keys for the hired van you need. Our Harris van hire offices in Southend, Essex are also still doing business to get you moving at an affordable price. Whether you are moving a client’s equipment or making a few personal deliveries, our vans will get the job done. If you are living in the market town of Raleigh, Essex you can also experience the convenience of hiring a van to get a job done – big or small. Our wide range of small wheel base vehicles that are practical enough for small deliveries. Should you need a bigger van, Harris Hire’s medium wheel base vans are the perfect top-up option. We have car hire services in Rochford so carting around a heavy load is no longer an inconvenient and costly affair. Our long wheel base vans will get any cargo to its destination – safe and soundly. Should you need a van with more space and power, our extra wheel base panel vans are a solid option.

No matter how big or small a transport job is – we have you covered with are numerous van hire services. Our customer service extends to after you have returned your Harris Hire rental van. We know how important it is to save money and time during the challenging time our country is going through. We therefore don’t want you forking out extra money for transport on you have returned a Harris Hire vehicle. Should you need a lift to our office we will pick you up and get you home once you have returned your hired vehicle. We can guarantee you quality service as most of our staff have a long history with the business and can assist you professionally - no matter what hiccups might come along.

If its luxury travelling you want, we have it in droves. Harris hire recently started a new chapter of our van hire division with the luxury crew / MPV van. It is through our decadent luxury van hire service, where you can enjoy storage space, comfort and status. As part of the luxury crew experience, Harris Hire vans includes Luxury Splitter Van Service. This 6-seater luxury splitter is set to make a statement for big events like wedding, baby showers or birthday bashers. The van’s air-conditioning and surround- sound system is just some of the features this 6-seater offers. Harris Hire’s 9-seater luxury splitter has an impressive carpeted storage area with shelving and a leather upholstery.

During the nation-wide challenging time that we as a nation face, we at Harris Hire want to keep things as close to normal as possible by providing you with a safe and convenient van hire experience. Our vans are reliable for any transport ventures you may need, allowing you to worry about the important things in life. Adhoc administration like the documentation required for your trip is included in our price packages, leaving you without the stress of hidden costs. You can focus on your job, while we will focus on making your work journeys happen as quickly and affordably as possible . If ypou are looking for van hire in Essex, perhaps Rayleigh or Hockley, call us on 01702 233600 today or visit

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