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Luxury Van Hire For UK Trips

The UK has many beautiful spots such as the Tower of London, Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, Hyde Park, the Cliffs of Dover, Fingal’s cave, the Lock Ness, the Seven Sisters and Sky Garden amongst others. Not many people in London own a car, this makes it difficult to travel out of cities and take a break from bustling city life.

If you want to expand your horizons, hiring a luxury van could be an option. This is because a van offers many possibilities. For instance, a van can serve as transport for musicians, a van could also be used as transport to sports events such as the up and coming British and Irish lions tour (fingers crossed it comes to the UK!).

The other wonderful thing about vans is that one can fit many things inside them such as surfboards, musical equipment, family, camping gear, parcels, fishing gear and sports gear.

Well, they are big. The large amount of space gives people more flexibility. The cabin space offers various options – enabling people to pack equipment, luggage, or other items inside the van. Vans also typically have stowaway seats, making vans ideal for any type of transportation.

Due to their higher clearance, vans give their driver a better view of the road in front of them. This elevated position provides better safety and more opportunity to take in the scenery. Also, due to modern technology vans have become far more economical – some even rival small cars in terms of fuel consumption.

Vans have also evolved from the preferred city delivery vehicle. Vans with time have become far more practical. The added benefit of vans is that they also have comfortable passenger seats, especially in luxury vans. This means that the passengers can be separated so that you can focus on driving.

Luxury vans are designed with convenience and comfort in mind. Premium vans produced by the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai often come with mind-boggling features. Luxury vans are the accentuation of the modern van, staying true to original principles whilst daring to trespass into the luxurious domains held by sedans.

At Harris hire we have 6 seater and 9 seater luxury vans available for hire. Harris Hire Hockley has comprehensive van hire services, with insurance and the necessary permits to drive through Europe. We pride ourselves on being affordable and reliable. Our 6m luxury sprinter is the epitome of the class offered by Mercedes-Benz, equipped with air conditioning, Bluetooth, satellite navigation, leather upholstery, LED lighting, quality sound system and a storage area.

Our 9-seater also boasts impressive features such as a bunk area, DVD players, Bluetooth, leather upholstery, Bluetooth, satellite navigation and more.

Harris Hire leases out vans privately and commercially, we pride ourselves on being able to meet our clients’ needs. We have unique services such as flexible pick up and drop off times (Sundays included). Harris Hire has a range of vans available for rental such as luxury vans, medium wheel-base vans, long wheel-base vans, extra-long wheelbase vans, Luton vans with a tail lift, lo loaders and long-term hire options. Furthermore, Harris Hire sells vans and has hospitality trucks available making Van hire in Essex easy.

Whether you are on the job, moving to a new house, or going on holiday – Harris Hire has the right Van for you. Our experienced team will help you find the right set of wheels to get you moving.

Looking for van hire near me and interested in using our van hire services to hire your luxury van, you can contact us at 01702 233600 or email us at

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