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Need Van Hire - Moving House

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Are you currently planning your big house move? Anybody that has ever moved homes will tell you the exact same thing; it is tedious and stressful. Not only that, but polls have shown that most people list the moving house as one of the top anxiety-inducing processes they have been through. While we understand that there are a million things to consider and take care of, Harris Hire thrives on taking the stress out of the van hire aspect. With our wide range of vans for hire, you have one less thing to worry about on the big day.

With our wide range of vans to choose from, you can rest assured that when moving day arrives, that space is the least of your concerns. Harris Hire even has packages available in which a driver is included in the cost, taking even more stress off your hands.

Whether you are looking for a smaller van to move a studio apartment’s worth of furniture, or our biggest van for a family home, our vans will help you get the job.

If you are maybe looking for a smaller van to move a studio apartment’s worth of furniture, for example, then our short wheelbase vans are the solution for you. These robust and durable vans offer amazing fuel economy, even if your journey is a short one. If the short wheelbase won’t quite cut it, then you might want to take a look at our medium wheel-based vans. This range will help you if you need something not too big, but not too small either! Of course, if you are moving a bit more than a studio apartment, then you will want to call in the big guns.

This is where our long-wheel-based vans come into play. Boasting high torque engines and comfortable interiors, they are the ideal option for slightly bigger-sized moves, especially if the drive is longer. This van is sure to get the job done.

Now, if you are looking at a van that can take a big more than a studio, or 1 bedroom apartment, then our LoLoader and Luton vans are the ideal solution. Not only are these vans super spacious, but our Luton van also comes with a tail lift. The tail lift option will ensure that the loading process is eased and sped up. This smoothes out the entire moving process for you. Our vans truly take the stress out of moving, ensuring minimum trips. The LoLoader and Luton vans are our most popular choices among clients who are either moving homes or offices.

The versatility and heavy payload of Harris Hire vans will make sure that no trip or ounce of space is wasted when taking care of your move. Additionally, for extra convenience, you are able to take the driver option as well, so that you only have to focus on the actual heavy lifting. This will take even more of the moving burden off of your shoulders.

Don’t let the planning of your big move get you down! Get in touch with Harris Hire today for the best van needed for moving house options in Hockley. No need to continue wondering who is the best van hire company for moving near me? For short, medium, long, or even extra-long wheel-based van hire, you can’t go wrong with a Harris Hire van. We cater to all of your small, medium, or large moving requirements, whether for home or the office. Additionally, you can rest assured that Harries Hire takes each and every necessary Covid-19 precaution to ensure the safety of our clients.

Looking for affordable van hire near me in Essex and surrounding areas? Phone us today on 01702 233600 to get your obligation-free quotation for our full range of van hire services. You are sure to find the right van needed for moving house and so much more.

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