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Springtime Traveling with a Harris Hire Van

Better Weather In Time For Some Fun

Springtime Traveling with a Harris Hire Van

After many months spent in quarantine, coupled with the icy cold temperatures of winter, the arrival of spring is very welcome indeed. Along with the Covid lockdown regulations gradually being lifted, UK residents can finally look forward to some springtime fun. What better way to celebrate than with a road trip with the family or some friends? Harris Hire in Hockley has just the van to suit your needs. Our range of vans is reliable, safe and is the perfect mix of comfort and practicality.

Besides our range of working-class vans, Harris Hire also has a prestigious luxury range of vans, perfect for those adventurous trips. These vans allow you to travel in style, with your comfort and safety being of the utmost importance. There is no better time to start planning springtime traveling with a Harris Hire van hire than right now.

A Look At Some of Our Vans

Springtime Traveling with a Harris Hire Van

Harris Hire has stepped up our range of luxury vans for hire to cater for more non-work-related trips, such as a family vacation or road trip with friends. For these instances, our luxury splitter vans are the perfect addition to your trip. Available in either 6 seaters or 9 seaters, you are sure to fit everything you need. The ideal blend of ample storage space and comfortable seating space. Our luxury splitter vans can help you get to your holiday accommodation, golf trip, or even road trip. The luxury splitters come with air conditioning, Bluetooth, Sat Nav and an upgraded sound system.

The Harris Hire luxury splitter allows you to not only arrive at your destination safe and sound, but also in style. Let us take the stress out of hiring a van for your next adventure! Harris Hire ensures that our client’s safety is always our top priority. We take all necessary Covid-19 precautions to offer you peace of mind.

Hospitality Trucks for The Ultimate Luxury

If our luxury splitters aren’t luxurious enough for you, then we highly recommend the Harris Hire hospitality lorry. These vans take luxury traveling to the next level. Usually used for extreme sports tours or band tours, this option comes with all the bells and whistles. The hospitality lorry is ideal for those cross country or even cross border vacations. Complete with a shower room and even a kitchen, you won’t be hearing the dreary “are we there yet?” that is synonymous with family road trips. With a garage situated at the back, you won’t be crowded for space while traveling.

Harris Hire hospitality lorries allows you to travel in complete luxury and safety, ensuring that you arrive at your destination in style. Taking a look at our testimonials, it is evident that our luxury range of vans are excellent value for money.

Get a Harris Hire Luxury Van Quote Today

If you are looking at springtime traveling with a Harris Hire van, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today! Harris Hire in Hockley allows you to plan the perfect spring or summer trip away. Besides our luxury travel van hire options, we can also the perfect van for working-class tasks. If you need to deliver packages, move house or office, or even transport equipment for a job, Harris Hire has the van for you. Our short, medium, and large base wheel vans allow you to confidently take on any job, big or small.

Looking for van hire near me and you would like more information on our range of working or luxury vans for hire in Rayleigh, Hockley, Rochford, Southend, and surrounding areas, contact us today! We will happily provide you with an obligation-free quotation based on your individual needs. Harris Hire looks forward to working with you.

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