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Taking the Stress Out of Moving Day: Harris Hire Van Hire in Essex

Taking the Stress Out of Moving Day: Harris Hire Van Hire in Essex

Tips for a Stress Free Move with Van Hire in Essex From Harris Hire

Is looking for a van hire in Essex stressing you out? Not sure what the requirements and wait times are for a van hire? Are you worried about the cost of the hire and the insurance? Before starting any move, you need to plan and do your research. Here are the four most important things to find out before settling on a van hire company.

  1. Vehicle requirements: Ask yourself these following questions; How many things are you moving? How big are these appliances and furniture? Over what trek of time and distance are you driving? At Harris Hire there are a variety of vehicles to choose from that will fit whatever answer you end up at.

  2. Review your rates: Review van hire company rates before committing to one. Contact Harris Hire for a quote to start your review.

  3. Insurance options: Make sure you read through and understand what the insurance does and does not cover with your van hire.

  4. Check the body of the van for damages: With van hire companies it is important to take note of and take pictures of the entire van before your pick up.

The Benefits to Using Self-drive Essex Van Hire Services From Harris Hire

A Self-drive van hire service is one of the smartest and stress free ways to go about moving from one place to another. At Harris Hire we understand that our customers want to take charge of their own moving process to ensure that their precious belongings are taken care of exactly in the way they would like. A few easy benefits to self driving on your moving journey with Harris Hire. It’s easy. The process for a van hire in Essex has never been made so easy and hassle free. We understand complicated procedures that eat at your time are a no-go. It’s also hygienic. At Harris Hire we make sure to maintain our vans in a clean and safe way by getting them cleaned regularly and having them in their best quality state. Furthermore, with a self-drive hire option there’s variety. Our Harris Hire fleet offers a range of vans that make sure we have anything a customer could want in their van hire. It’s cost effective: A van hire company in Essex that is affordable and cheap because of our low fuel usage. And the most important is that it’s family friendly. Our Van hire company prides itself on being safe for the entire family. We understand and promote making family memories while going on those long hauls in our comfortable vans.

Which of our Harris Hire fleet do you need for your van hire?

Taking the Stress Out of Moving Day: Harris Hire Van Hire in Essex

Are you looking for an affordable moving day van hire in Essex from Harris Hire? Are you stressed about what size van you need to fulfil all your moving day needs? If you know you have a lot of furniture and belongings the van we recommend looking at will be Harris Hire’s Luton Van with tail lift. Our Luton Van is the perfect size for moving house and removals. This vans’ automatic tail lift will make the moving process easy and efficient. And because of how spacious this van hire is, it allows for fewer trips to move houses and inturn speeds up the moving process.

For a medium haul we recommend the Medium Wheel Base van. This van is the ideal middle for when you are sure you have a lot of belongings but no big furniture and appliances.

And for those smaller hauls the van we recommend is the Short Wheel Base. Not only is this a cheaper alternative for those smaller trips but fuel wise it is great for the economy. When it comes to a van hire in Essex, you want to contact Harris Hire self-drive van for your moving day process. Our self-driving services are available throughout Southend, Hockley and its surrounding areas.

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