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Traveling in a Luxury Van

Luxury Van Hire In Hockley

Traveling in a Luxury Van

If you are in need of a luxury van, then self-drive van hire is a sensible solution, especially if you are worried about space. Especially in the case of needing to transport 7, 8 or even 9 passengers comfortably and safely. Harris Hire offers a luxury range of versatile people and gear movers that are a great way for modern families, groups of friends or crews to get around. We understand that certain situations call for different van options and we are proud to say that you will find the van for you at Harris Hire. With our recent expansion into the luxury van hire sphere, you can’t go wrong with luxury van hire from the leading van hire company in Essex.

We thoroughly considered all of the important aspects of what constitutes a great luxury van when we chose our range of luxury vans. This includes the ideal mix of spaciousness, safely and, of course, style.

6 or 9 Seater Splitter Van

Traveling in a Luxury Van

Harris Hire 6 seater splitter luxury vans form part of our Visionary Vans and delves right into the luxury van world. This is truly where space meets luxury and our vans are the ideal mode of transport for your getaway. Our high end MPV comfortably seats 6 people, including the driver. Additionally, they also offer a spacious storage compartment for luggage or gear. Furthermore, they boast an upgraded sound system, Sat Nav and air conditioning to ensure that your drive is as comfortable as possible. Besides these features, our Splitter vans also include Bluetooth, LED lighting throughout and red/black upholstery.

Although longer and wider than a typical SUV, our luxury van rentals are surprisingly easy to drive, with driver aids to assist you with parking and reversing. Not only do we have our 6 seater, but if you need even more space, you can try our 9 seater Splitter van. All of the previously mentioned features, plus a whole lot more room!

Harris Hire Hospitality Truck

If our 6 or 9 seater Splitter vans still seem like they will not cater to your needs, then our Hospitality Truck may be just what you need. This is the unlimited hospitality truck, with regards to both safety and luxury. These trucks are the perfect solution for traveling bands, ski trips or even extreme sport crews. With the garage area at the back, you are sure to fit everything you need to plus so much more. Additionally, they boast a kitchen, shower room and toilet. Furthermore, the Harris Hire Hospitality Truck can be branded specifically for the occasion. Supplied with awning, you can also hire the hospitality trucks with a driver.

Traveling in our Hospitality Truck needs to be experienced to grasp just how comfortable it truly is. No more stuffy and cramped van rides, but rather travelling in a luxury van by Harris Hire. Your comfort and safety are our main priority.

Get In Touch With Harris Hire Today

Whatever the occasion that requires a luxury van hire is for you, Harris Hire has you covered. With our range of Visionary Vans and Hospilaru Trucks, you can rest assured that you will not only arrive in style but that you will enjoy the journey. We are the best van hire specialists in Hockley and genuinely cherish our client relationships. Additionally, we are adhering strictly to all Covid-19 precautions and you can rest assured that your well-being is of utmost importance to us. With Harris Hire, you can book luxury van hire with confidence.

Get in touch with us today if you are in need of a 6 or 9 seater luxury Splitter van or Hospitality Truck for your next event or getaway. We are happy to provide you with an obligation-free quotation. Give us a ring at 01702 233600.

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