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Van Hire For Self Starter Businesses

Post Pandemic Entrepreneurs

Van Hire For Self Starter Businesses

For many UK citizens, the pandemic brought along with it the unfortunate loss of their jobs. This sad reality has forced many people to start their own businesses in order to make a living. At Harris Hire, we understand the struggles that come with starting up a new business venture. We also know that in the beginning, it may be impossible to start off with all of the necessary items that you might want to. That is why many of our clients turn to us when it comes to hiring a van. If owning a van right now is not a feasible option for your startup, then Harris Hire is the way to go!

Get your business going with the help of a Harris Hire van. Our range of vans will ensure that you have the perfect van for the job. Our affordable prices and wide range allows you to complete your jobs without wasting space or money.

Our Range of Service Vans

Whether you need to deliver a few packages, get equipment from point A - B and anything in between, our service vans help you get the job done. For smaller jobs, we highly recommend our short wheel base models offer incredible value for value.Spacious enough to accommodate all of your needs, but not too big to end up wasting space. These vans offer great fuel economy, even on those shorter trips. If our small wheel base won’t quite get the job done, but the long wheel base is a bit too much, our medium wheel base is the perfect solution. The perfect inbetween solution for when you need just a bit more space than the short wheel base offers.

Our service vans are the ideal accompaniment when you need to consider van hire for self starter businesses. Don’t allow the lack of adequate transportation to hold you back from getting your business off the ground.

Reliable Van Hire In Essex

Van Hire For Self Starter Businesses

Harris Hire also offers a range of large wheel base vans for those larger jobs. Boasting high torque engines and comfortable interiors, they make an ideal solution to long haul deliveries, for example. Furthermore, our extra large wheel base is a popular choice among businesses, as well as private clients due to its heavy payload and general versatility. If a panel van is what you need to get your job done, then this is the van for you!

Going one step further, our LoLoader van is ideal for moving a lot of stuff or carrying a heavy load of equipment. If space and a reliable van are what you need to get your job done, then this van is the solution you need. This option is more spacious than the long wheel base, resulting in fewer trips. The tail lift helps to ease the loading and unloading process, helping you save valuable time.

A Van For Every Occasion or Need

Harris Hire is also proud to announce our range of luxury vans if your new startup business includes hospitality trips. These vans are the perfect mix between comfort and space. If you need to take clients out in style, this is the option for you. Furthermore, our hospitality truck is the ultimate luxury travel van. These vans are ideal for longer trips where you need in-van comfort in the form of a shower room, kitchen and toilet. There is also a garage at the back, offering lots of storage space. You can find our range of vans here.

Harris Hire is your reliable van hire company based in Hockley. Our variety of vans are suited to any occasion or need. Additionally, we are Covid ready and still adhere to government regulations. You can rest assured that our client’s safety is our top priority. We recommend getting in touch today if you are in need of van hire for self starter businesses.

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