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Which Panel Van is Best

Getting a lift when you want to move your house or carry some goods can get stressful. You have to look for a spacious as well as safe ride that will bear huge loads of furniture or material. You would also need to look for a van that wouldn’t be too big that it wouldn’t fit in your driveway. Therefore choosing the correct panel van for your moving can be very confusing as you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong, and you wouldn’t want to have a hundred trips. Harris Van hire offers multiple types of panel vans with different sizes allowing you to have wider options depending on your needs and requests. Each type of van is meant to be for a certain purpose and material, therefore you will need experts to help to decide which the best for your moving job is.

Panel Van Offers by Harris Van Hire

Which Panel Van is Best

Harris Van Hire provides several transportations and lifting services. The most remarkable lifting services of Harris Van Hire are the panel van services. They are provided in multiple sizes depending on your request. They have medium wheelbase panel vans which are mostly suitable for light material, small pieces of furniture, and goods. Its medium size is great for fitting in your driveway, as well as in tight country roads and areas. They provide ease and flexibility for the moving job. Secondly, Harris Van Hire provides a long wheelbase and extra-long base panel vans. These are the most spacious thus the greatest for house moving, and business material lifting. These are both supplied with a high torque engine to hold heavy and huge loads. The difference between these two is that the extra-long wheelbase van can carry more material and heavier ones, but it is meant for short trips only. On the other hand, the long-wheelbase van is ideal for moving furniture or goods across long distances. Each of these vans is needed at certain times and occasions, and all are provided by Harris Van Hire at very affordable prices.

Uses of Panel Vans

The most obvious uses of these panel vans are for house and furniture moving. But this is not all! These panel vans are very popular among businesses for their efficiency and their cheap prices. If you are starting a new business, the long-wheelbase panel van is perfect for you! Whether you’re starting a restaurant, pub, or boutique, you will need a lift for your basic material. The extra-long wheelbase van can be used for moving chairs, tables, and bars for your hospitality business. Additionally, it can be used for lifting racks and shelves for your boutique. Any business you start will require moving some basic material, so make sure that you choose the safe and affordable panel vans from Harris Van Hire. Their friendly and professional team will supply you with the perfect panel van for your request and will recommend some alternatives.

More Services from Harris Van Hire

Harris Van Hire does not only provide material lifting services but also provide multiple transportation utilities. Whether you want self-drive vans or ones with a professional driver, Harris Van Hire will be able to provide them. They provide 6-9 seat splitter vans for a fancy arrival to special events. You will be able to arrive at your destination with your team in great comfort and luxury. Additionally, they provide hospitality trucks for your staycation holiday plans. You can enjoy your privacy with your spouse with the self-driven hospitality truck. With the great hygiene and cleaning measures taken between two van hires, you can ensure your safety against the coronavirus. Harris Van Hire provides van services across Essex, Southend, Rayleigh, Hockley, and Chelmsford. Contact the experts and get aided by their professional teams.

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